Lurking Octopus, 2011

Lurking Octopus, 2011


Katy Schimert: Artist in Residence //March 26 – May 4, 2014

Working across a variety of media, including drawing, sculpture, and film, Katy Schimert uses fragments of personal experience as conceptual impetus. The intersection of the fine and decorative arts is a formal point of departure for the artist. Densely layered and vaguely topographical, her drawings suggest sequences of cosmic or otherworldly events occasionally populated by ethereal human figures; as Schimert describes it, they create a “space for illusion.” The results of this investigation are not only visually compelling, but formally succinct – this allows Schimert’s works in various media to meld together as an ongoing visual essay.

This exhibition will comprise a series of large-scale watercolors and ceramic and glass sculptures about the sea and a large mythical octopus, a hidden sculptural force, and ghost like presence of fierce emotion underneath the moray effect of water. Schimert has been inspired by literature of the sea and science fiction including: Jules Verne, Herman Melville, Joseph Conrad, Patrick Obrien, Arthur C Clark and Marianne Moore’s poem The Octopus. She uses an ancient method of casting glass and ceramics, making forms through a process of heating and cooling. 

Katy Schimert will be on campus to participate in the Artists Residency Program, supported by the Class of 1961. She will conduct workshops and class discussions with students and faculty in the Departments of English, Geoscience, and Art.

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