Katy Schimert

currently on view, RISD Museum


Predator, 2015, is currently on View at the RISD Museum. This ceramic sculpture depicts the nuanced movement of water, capturing the depth and color of changing tides. It was produced using wooden molds, which were made by harnessing the precision of a computer-controlled (or CNC) router. The stoneware was cast using the molds, glazed, then fired in a wood kiln, which produced smoke and ash that affected the final appearance of the glaze. This juxtaposition of the intentional and volatile processes that yielded this work creates a complex dialogue between its form and surface.

Individual Works

Predator, 2015, stoneware with glaze, 27 x 20 x 7-1/2 inches (68.6 x 50.8 x 19.1 cm), photo courtesy of the RISD Museum, Providence, RI.
Predator, 2015 (detail)